About Us

Ogres Revenge Clothing Ltd began life in 2011 when we were searching for some inspiration for some new designs for our 'Simplicitees' web store.  During a trip to the USA we came across an Ogres Revenge Tattoo Shop tshirt for sale in a second hand store & loved the design but couldnt find much information on the design or the tattoo shop itself.

We eventually found that the tattoo shop had closed down about 15 years earlier but couldnt find any information about who actually designed the artwork.  We were eventually able to register the artwork as a Trademark worldwide as it was classed as 'orphaned' and were then able to produce a full range of tshirts, hoodies & bags which have sold really well ever since.  

To be honest it does help sales when David Beckham is pictured wearing one of your shirts - which he has been a couple of times.  Could be one of the vintage ones but we just keep telling ourselves someone must have bought it for him as a present and he loves it.

The clothes themselves are produced in partnership with Bella & Canvas to ensure they're of the highest quality. The bags we produce in partnership with BagBase & Quadra who are the leading producers of retro day bags and luggage on the market.  

We're sure you'll be delighted with the purchases you make from us but if you have any issues or queries please let us know via the form on the contact page or send us a quick email to paul@ogresrevenge.com.